Cruiser Assembly Directions

Tools needed
Tools needed Tools needed
  • Scissors or cable cutter
  • Allen wrench set (5mm and 6mm)
  • 5/8" and 14mm,13mm and 10mm Wrench or socket set
  • Screwdriver
  • Tire Pump
Unpack your Cruiser
bike out of the box Carefully unpack the cruiser, using the box or a soft towel for a work surface or as extra padding.
We recommend that you leave the packing around the bike until it is fully assembled. This will protect the bike from scratches or dents.
Check the contents of the package.
A typical cruiser will contain the following items:
  • bike frame
  • two tires
  • two pedals
  • the handlebars
  • stem
  • seat post and seat
  • front and rear reflector
Please call us at: 1-866-634-9138
if you missing any parts.
Fender Assembly Directions
Fender Assembly Directions
The front fenders are attach to the fork via the axel. Most models will have the rear fender already installed but you have to secure the screws to the bottom frame.
Front Fender Assembly
front fender assembly
Front Axel Assembly
front axel assembly
Handle Bar Assembly
handle bar assembly
The handlebars should be attached to the stem. Please insert the stem into the opening at the top of the fork (fig. 1) and adjust it to your desired height. Please make sure that the stem is below the maximum height marker. After adjusting the height, tighten the bolt on top of the handlebars (fig. 2) using an 6mm Allen wrench. Start by loosening the hex bolt (fig. 3) to adjust the handlebars to your desired angle. Once you are comfortable with the angle, tighten the hex bolt (fig. 4) to secure the bars in place. NOTE: Please make sure not to over-tighten the bolts
Seat Assembly
seat assembly
To assemble the seat insert the seat post into the seat hole on the bottom (fig. 1) and tighten the bolt using a 13mm or 14 mm wrench. Next, insert the seat and post into the bike frame (fig. 2) and adjust to the desired height. (Please make sure that the stem is below the maximum height marker.) Finally tighten the hex bolt on the seat post (fig. 3) to secure the seat in place.
Pedal Assembly
seat assembly
Before you install the pedals make sure you pick the correct pedal for each side. The crank can be damage if you try to install the pedal on the wrong side. Look for the engraving (L or R) on the bolt if you miss the left/right marker on the pedal. The right side is always the side which has the chain guard and chain. The left pedal will screw on in a counter clockwise motion and the right will screw on in a clockwise motion. A final tightening may be needed using a 5/8"(15mm) wrench.
NOTE: Please make sure not to over-tighten the bolts
Rear Reflector Assembly (most models)
rear reflector assembly
Attach the rear reflector to the mounting holes (red marked area) and secure it with the included washer and nut. We suggest installing the reflector before securing the rear fender.
Final Steps
tighten rear
The rear wheel comes already attached to the bike frame. Please make sure to check all bolts. Tighten them if necessary.
NOTE: Please make sure not to over-tighten the bolts
Your bike should now be fully assembled and ready to ride!
bike is ready
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